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Hydraulic and Mechanical dredging services provided

Doctor Dredge, LLC specializes in underwater excavation projects in Southeast United States covering the states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Started in 2006, Doctor Dredge has provided both Mechanical and Hydraulic dredging services. We handle projects ranging from 500 to 1,000,000 Cubic Yards using the latest technology and environmentally friendly processes and methods.

We offer free onsite estimates. We can take care of all the details including permitting, surveying and complete project planning/methodology as well as the final disposition of dredged material. Call us today to take advantage of Doctor Dredge’s experience and have us put together a complete dredging project for you.

Hydraulic Dredging

The preferred method by United States Army Corps of Engineers for minimal environmental impact. We have always focused on portable dredges: smaller floating platforms with submersible pumps with direct contact and agitation of material to be removed. Minimal disruption to the aquatic environment and almost no turbidity means better results for customers, their neighbors and wildlife. Improved use of waterway sand the restoration of aquatic habitat by the removal of sediment build up is our goal.

Mechanical Dredging Barge

Traditional dredging process using a long reach excavator or crane on a barge that can hold and transport material to a shoreline location where it is offloaded into trucks and taken for final disposition. Suitable for projects where the higher moisture content of dredged material is aminor concern. Simple, effective and time proven methodology that is also ideal for dredging projects in highly developed locations. Expedited permitting process for maintenance dredging projects in most cases.

Geotextile Tubes

The term “hydraulic” in dredging services refers to the adding of water to the dredged material. Submersible pumps use agitation to create a consistent “slurry” of sediment and water (Hydro) that can be effectively pumped for long distances through pipe. We have specialized in the use of Geotextile Tubes to separate the water and solids in slurry. With the addition of environmentally safe Polymers the dewatering process is highly effective and fast.

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