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We travel throughout the Southeast United States and abroad for dredging projects

From Kingsley Lake north of Atlanta Georgia to Lake Ocheechobee in south Florida to Skiwatch Lakes in the Florida Panhandle, Doctor Dredge specializes in sediment removal from lakes of all shapes and sizes. Our experience working with home owners and HOA’s spans a decade with nothing but satisfied customers and outstanding references - available upon request. Residential lakes often have emergent aquatic weeds and vegetation problems too. Doctor Dredge has developed industry-standard-setting methodologies in aquatic weed removal combined with dredging.

Shoreline restoration and shoreline fortification can be combined with dredging to cut down on costs associated with trucking sediment to a disposal site. Ask us about using geotextile tubes to restore the shoreline of your lake and give the waterfront owner back the property they have lost to shoreline erosion.

Lake Dredging Service. Call 877-MUCK-OUT for your free onsite dredging consultation. Efficient, reliable and sensitive to the environment. Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 10 years experience. Hydraulic and Mechanical services provided.

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