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Pond Dredging

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We travel throughout the Southeast United States and abroad for dredging projects

Lined and unlined ponds are one of our areas of specialization at Doctor Dredge. Large settling ponds in industrial settings: small ornamental ponds at office buildings; stormwater retention ponds in commercial areas; irrigation ponds on golf course and apartments and just plain old privately owned ponds, stocked with fish and un-stocked. Since 2006 Doctor Dredge has dredged them all with our proprietary, minimally invasive methodology.

Its not uncommon for ponds to have limited access and be surrounded by expensive landscaping. Our equipment can be deployed and work with minimal impact and pump sediment to remote, unobtrusive locations.

Pond Dredging Service. Call 877-MUCK-OUT for your free onsite dredging consultation. Efficient, reliable and sensitive to the environment. Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 10 years experience. Hydraulic and Mechanical services provided.

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