Doctor Dredge provides pond dredging services throughout the SE United States. The DOT storm water retention pond on the intersection of SR312 and SR 207 in St Augustine, FL was filed with cattails, weeds and muck. Too wide to use long reach excavators, the Dept of Transportation needed to find a cost effective solution to return the retention pond's necessary capacity to avoid flooding the busy intersection.

We first employed an old school "Cookie Cutter" machine which went through the entire pond and chopped everything down and into small dredgable pieces. After removing all the floating debris mechanically we launched our hydraulic dredge by crane and set to work dredging the pond. The area around the pond was very small. To dewater the spoils we used long geotubes laid by the side of the pond on visqueen to avoid erosion of the banks by the return water. Once dewatered the material was removed and the area sodded.

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