Environmental remediation project featuring hydraulic dredging into geotubes using polymer/flocculant, frac-tanks and water treatment.

Spring 2013, Doctor Dredge, LLC was invited to execute the hydraulic dredging portion of this project and act as dredging project consultant and dewatering consultant. A lake behind the old outdoor gun range was found to be contaminated with lead solids and lead in suspension. We used our highly portable hydraulic cutterhead dredge and were able to launch by ramp into the pond. The dredged spoils were pumped into two geotubes. A polymer was added to the dredge discharge pipe as an aid to dewatering. This flocculant cut the dewatering time by half by allowing the solids within the geotubes to fall out of suspension more rapidly. The effluent water was collected and pumped via 4 inch dewatering pump into a frac tank. Polymer was added to the effluent water and in combination with the slowing flow rate of the flac tank was able to allow any remaining solids to fall out of suspension before the water was reintroduced to the dredging area.

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