Canal Dredging project featuring hydraulic dredgingMunicipal DredgingMaintenance Dredging, Fusing HDPE

Spring 2013, Doctor Dredge, LLC was asked to perform the hydraulic dredging portion of this project in a teaming agreement with a local Environmental Consulting firm. A barge intended to transport remanufactured Hawkeye planes for Northrop Grumman Corp. ran aground in the old WW2 seaplane takeoff basin at the airport. The resulting dredging project consisted of a large (700 ft X 350 ft) traditional dewatering spoils site with 18 ft high berms being fedd by our highly portable hydraulic dredge. The seaplane launch ramp proved too shallow so we launched at Vilano boat ramp, 5 miles away and travelled to the site via the intercoastal waterway. The next challenge was the pumping distance: over 4000 ft. We fused 2500 ft of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) and ran it our over open water to connect to 700 ft of our floating dredge discharge pipe. An 8 inch booster pump was put in line and then we fused another 1000 ft of HDPE through/ over salt water marsh to the spoils site. A very specialized set up was required. Once the operation was set up we were able to move over 1000 Y3 of mud a day.

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